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TOTAL Lubrifiants applies the latest technology and continuous R&D to formulate its oils. The result is a comprehensive range of lubricants that optimize the performance and prolong the longevity of your specific vehicle or equipment, from cars and motorcycles to boats and garden equipment.


TOTAL Lubrifiants' high-performance TOTAL and ELF brand ranges offer you just the right product, no matter what kind of car you drive.


Total RUBIA range of engine oils is one of the most comprehensive on the market. Total RUBIA is recommended for any generation of trucks, buses, waste collection vehicles, from Euro 2 to Euro 6 engines.

Total RUBIA TIR lubricants : High-end products - Engine oils approved by the majority of manufacturers

TOTAL RUBIA lubricants: for specific applications - Lubricants for diesel engines that meet the needs of the engine systems most widely used on the market.

Public Works

TOTAL develops lubricants suited to construction, mine and quarry machinery. A complete range of special products to satisfy all international standards and approvals required in this segment. TOTAL CONCEPT TP STAR has been developed for customers wishing to simplify lubrication for their equipment fleet. TOTAL concept TP STAR allows you to combine high technical performance with ease of use.