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Sustainable development

Total Eritrea believes the way to consolidate social license to operate is by sharing its expertise and know-how, listening to its stakeholders and be a responsible corporate leader. Accordingly, the following objectives are set.

  • Demonstrate strengthened respect for stakeholders by listening, involving and maintaining ongoing dialogue
  • Be an accountable operator considering the impacts related to our activities
  • Promote economic and social development in our host regions
  • Setting a benchmark for the promotion of access to energy.

Total Eritrea contributes on human and community development as it is rooted in its culture. Accordingly, we focus on:

Road safety

We have a daily interface with automotive road users. Road safety provides us an opportunity to share our expertise in fighting against road accidents. We are members of Eritrea Road Transport Safety Association, ERTSA, and participate in different campaigns and awareness programs.

Local economic development

We create employment opportunity to the community, develop professional training, and provide priority to local services and products procurement whenever possible. Moreover, we consider helping suppliers to act on a responsible way, promote local entrepreneurs reduce their environmental footprint in an negative way.


To prepare our human resources requirement and improve our acceptance by the society we participated in different educational related projects such as in developing community library renovation projects, procurement of book shelves & books, motivating female students in rural areas

Access to energy

We aspire to be a leader in energy solutions. Our ambition is to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for low income earners. Stakeholder engagement is a key area in identifying and implementing solutions that are efficient and in line with local needs.  As a result, we sponsor different projects for such effect and as an example, the advanced stove project that we realized in Adi-Nefas – Eritrea can be mentioned.