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Which Lubricants Suit Your Need?

Total provides you a range of choices when it comes to Lubricants.

Using state of the art sythentic technology, We provide our clientele with products that are designed to maintain their engines through the expected machine life span.


Total Lubricants Benefits

Benefits of Total Rubia Range

  • Endowed with acid resistance additives
  • Maintains relatively thick oil film even at high temperatures
  • Cools and cleans engine parts
  • Anti rust and anti corrosion additives

Benefits Of Total Quartz Range

  • Produced with excellent cleaning additives responsible for cleaning of engine parts
  • The oils’ ability to evacuate heat during engine running is second to none
  • Protects engine parts against wear
  • Keeps a strong oil film between moving parts even at very high temperatures (Viscosity)

Total Engine Oil Range : Learn More


TOTAL's range of products for cars offers a comprehensive choice of lubricants for every vehicle. Our range even includes specially formulated oils for use in diesel engines and older vehicles that can't tolerate modern synthetic oils.

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Our Quartz range of oils includes:

  • Quartz 9000, a synthetic oil providing superior levels of engine performance and protection. It also provides TOTAL's highest levels of engine cleanliness. Quartz 9000 is long-lasting, extending intervals between oil changes.
  • Quartz 7000, a synthetic-based oil that provides enhanced driving comfort and high levels of engine cleanliness and protection.
  • Quartz 5000, an improved mineral oil that can be used in older as well as more recent vehicles.
  • Quartz 3000, a mineral oil suitable for older cars that can't use other oils from the range.
  • Quartz INEO, a synthetic oil with pollution control, specially formulated for use with diesel engines. Quartz INEO provides exceptional engine cleanliness and supports particulate filter performance.

Quartz with ART

The Quartz range also includes Quartz with ART (age resistance technology), which improves your engine's ability to withstand mechanical ageing. Your engine's life will thus be prolonged and maintenance costs will be reduced.

Quartz with ART is formulated to be resistant to both heat and cold, so it maintains a consistent viscosity across a range of temperatures. Its advanced molecular structure is formulated so that the oil flows freely, while also creating strong bonds to produce a film that doesn't break easily. This film ensures that all the moving parts in the engine are protected.




With a dedicated Team of experts at each of our service stations country wide, we ant to remind you that your confort in mobility is our priority.

Our TQAS centers offer you:

  • A wide range of services for all you car brands;
  • Speed ​​in carrying out operations and without making appointments;
  • In addition to oil changes, TQAS centers offer you 10 free checkpoints;
  • High quality products from our Quartz and Rubia ranges.

TQAS centers comply with the Total Group's Health, Safety, Environment & Quality charter, thus ensuring the safety of operations and people in our centers. As our partner, you can get your vehicle serviced at any of our stations spread across the country.

Total Quartz Auto Service

TQAS is a dedicated center specialized in the engine oil change and maintenance of vehicles of our customers. We offer: A wide range of services for all car brands with High quality products. As our partner, you can get your vehicle serviced at any of our stations spread across the country.