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Total Health Safety And Security

Safety is not only a top priority for Total Eritrea but also one of its core value as well. TOTAL Eritrea is committed to Safety, Security and Health of its employees and stakeholders. Safety in relation to our operations, protection of the environment, maintaining high level of customer satisfaction and listening to stakeholders are considered.

The main objectives of Total Eritrea in relation to safety include:

  • Ensure people's health and hygiene
  • Guarantee the safety and security of people and property
  • Protect the environment
  • Ensure quality of the products and services delivered to customers

Total Eritrea’s HSEQ Management System enables to respond and minimize risks that may arise from its activities via:

  • Optimally structured set of HSEQ activities defined via operating method, rules and regulations
  • Evaluate and manage HSEQ risks associated with all of its operational activities
  • Continuously improve HSEQ performance in comparison with targets  

The HSEQ management system covers various areas including operational safety, hygiene, technological risks, security, environment and quality. HSEQ management system is systematically implemented to bring together front-line teams and specialists across all phases starting from project design to execution; from site dismantling till reclamation. The HSEQ process is built on industrial risk analysis and involves:

  • Introducing standards that are applicable across the board
  • Deploying an organization aligned with risk management system
  • Verifying correct applications of the system following risk assessment

Road transportation and shipping safety is another area of absolute priority for Total Eritrea. Appropriate measures, technical and organizational tools are implemented to manage transportation-related risks which include:

  • PATROM program to improve road transportation overseas
  • Transportation Management System
  • General Guidelines for Driving Light Vehicles for Africa and the Middle East
  • Ship and barge vetting
  • Routine inspection of maritime terminals in line with the Oil Companies International Marine Forum's (OCIMF) standard

Moreover, Total Eritrea analysis the environmental and community impact of its operations and products and seeks solutions to manage risks and mitigate their impact. To achieve such objective, the following initiatives are of focus:

  • Managing waste and performing life cycle assessments
  • Promote new energies, energy efficiency and local economic development
  • Protecting soil and water
  • Reclaiming sites