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Total Eritrea Starupper Winners


Total Eritrea startupper winners

Yosief Mengsteab: Portable Insulin Refrigerator

In Eritrea as in most developing countries of the world, refrigeration is a luxury as very few of the population can afford it. In today’s Eritrea the prevalence rate of the diabetes is about 4.7% of the population. Currently the registered number of members of the diabetes association of Eritrea is about 15,000. The treatment for the diabetes is to consume insulin which requires refrigeration which is beyond the reach of the majority in terms of affordability and availability of power. The project will be a solution to everyone with diabetics even for those in remote rural area and travelers. The project is intended to make it handy, portable of only about 1.5kgs, environmental friendly as it doesn’t produce chlorofluorocarbons as it doesn’t use refrigeration liquids, operational as well with solar panels of minimal voltage and are affordable in terms of price considering the purchasing power of the Eritrean society.

Simon Okubagiorgis: Low Cost & Low Power Computer

In the era of globalization, the need of computers is not a luxury but a basic commodity for everybody in the planet. The project provides low cost and low power computers at an affordable price to the students and other members of the Eritrean community. The computers are believed to be affordable in solving the need of Computers in the Eritrean community as their prices will be only about 20% from what is available in the current market. Moreover, the project will be able to operate via solar power panels even of small lantern panels which is simply common if not in all, in most villages of the country as well. As a result, the project will enable the generations of the country to be on equal footage with all the comparators of the globe.

total startupper winner Simon (2nd)


Total Eritrea startupper winner Feven (3rd)


Feven Sium: Drinking Sea Water

Top Female Entrepreneur - Developing countries including Eritrea have a problem of potable water. The project is addressing the issue of potable water by desalinating sea water to Dessei Island. At the initial stage the case of the population of the Dessei Island will be addressed. Dessei island is one of the 360 islands found in Eritrea with a population of about 5,000. The community is forced to bring potable water from Massawa port via different boats which makes the cost and availability of the basic necessity of water beyond their reach. Considering the facet of the case to mothers and children becomes of many folds. The project can assist in relieving such difficulties, which seems very feasible and easily implemented. At the same time, the profitability and sustainability of the project is undisputable.