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Total Human ressources

Total Eritrea is committed to advance access and opportunity for a better career and development to all its employees in principle and the young generation in particular. In achieving its set objectives, Total Eritrea rely on the development avenues common to Total M&S guidelines for the Africa division in general and the Mediterranean and Middle East Zone in particular.

Human Capital

Human Capital is affirmed to be the most important element of success in Total Eritrea. The affiliate is working to develop its human capital by creating and cultivating environment in which its staff can rapidly learn and apply new ideas, competencies, skills, behaviors and attitudes. Education via development and training is an investment in human capital that pays off in terms of higher productivity. To encompass the talent needed tomorrow, Total Eritrea is tirelessly working to achieve partnerships with different African Universities and tertiary institutions to have and benefit from the cream of their results.

Recruitment Policy

Total Eritrea is committed to ensure that the practices used in recruitment and selection is fair, consistent and effective. Total Eritrea is committed to guarantee that its recruitment and selection policy and procedures comply with equal opportunity legislations and policies of the Total Group as well as the laws and regulations of the State of Eritrea. Total Eritrea strictly works that all applications be treated on an equal basis and Individuals will be selected based on merit.

Training & Development

Total encourages skills development and career advancement through training, international career paths and mobility. This policy is of strategic importance for Total Eritrea as it is our goal to create and retain efficient and high-performing teams for our sustainable growth.