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Total Kerosene

Illuminating Kerosene (paraffin) is a combustible liquid commonly used as heating fuel and domestically for cooking and lighting. It is common household oil in Eritrea. Also generated from crude, its flash point, sulfur content and smoke point are regulated so as to keep the house hold use in a safe manner.

The following are the parameters set by the Eritrean Petroleum Corporation (EPC) for Kerosene sold in Eritrea:

  • It must have a density @ 20 degrees centigrade Kg/m3 of 775-830 maximum
  • Sulphur content of 0.15% maximum, flash point of 38.4 degree Celsius and a smoke point of 25 mm


  • Specific @ 60/60°F 0.775-0.83
  • Distillation Recovered @ 20°C (%vol.) 166
  • EBP (OC) 300 max
  • Colour white
  • Merchantable Odour
  • Flash point (0C) 38min
  • Total sulphur (%wt) 0.3 max
  • Copper corrosion (2hr @ 1000 °C) No.1 Max
  • Smoke point (mm) 25 (min.)