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Fuel for petrol engines

Petrol also known as Motor Gasoline or gasoline is a product derived from crude and used as fuel in internal combustion engines. This fuel is for spark ignition engines like car engines. In some countries Gasoline is mixed with ethanol at some predetermined ratios (like E10 for 10%) and used as an alternative fuel. Gasoline is more volatile than Diesel and Kerosene and hence needs extra precaution on its handling. Octane number ,Vapor pressure and sulfur content are some of the defining characteristics of this product.

The Gasoline marketed by Eritrean Petroleum Corporation (EPC) conforms to the following critical parameters as set by the (EPC) Standards;

It must have a density @20 degrees centigrade Kg/m3 of 740 maximum.

It must have Research Octane number of 91 minimum and Sulphur content of 0.015% maximum

Features/Specifications :

  • Specific gravity 60°/60 F (0.705-0,740 maximum)
  • Distillation range ( oC) 35-205
  • 10% evaporated (OC) 65 maximum
  • 50% evaporated 115 maximum
  • 90% evaporated (OC) 180 maximum
  • EBP evaporated (OC) 215 maximum
  • 205 maximum
  • Residue % Vol. 2 maximum
  • Odour (Merchantable)
  • Orange Colour
  • Total sulphur (No, 1 strip max.)
  • Copper corrosion (No.1 strip max)
  • Vapour / liquid Ratio: T36°C 68 max.
  • Existent gum (mg/100ml) 4 max.
  • Oxidation stability (min.): 360 min.
  • Knock rating (RON): 90 min.
  • RVP (Vapour pressure) (psi): 9 max.