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22/06/2017 News

Total Eritrea inaugurated its Used Oil Facility

The objective of the project is to enable Total Eritrea respond to a vital need of its customers as well as societal need to responsibly dispose which otherwise would be a harmful waste. As a result of strong relationship with the operating mining companies, Total Eritrea was able to offer a cradle to grave lubricants supply scheme offloading the burden of used oil from its customers. Total Eritrea has deployed not only a used oil treatment facility but also a contamination protection management, waste management system and environment friendly approach which is designed to satisfy all requirements of the national regulatory bodies as well as international norms, standards and regulations.

During the ceremony, Tesfay Ghebresilassie, the Minister of Land, Water and Environment, General Sebhat Ephrem, the Minister of Energy and Mines of the State of Eritrea, Patricia Buisson-Hays-Narbonne, Deputy Executive VP of the MIO zone, Adje Kacou, Managing Director, as well as about fifty stakeholders and representatives from different mining companies, other clients and end users operating in the country were present.

The Managing Director, in his welcoming speech expressed the advantages of used oil treatment. In addition, Adje Kacou articulated that the Total Eritrea approach in the waste disposal and its way of assistance via its used oil collection and treatment facility is in line with the Group’s concept of Total Ecolub in Africa. The Managing Director explained that the Ecolub System is basically about collecting, treating and reusing used oil and via the system it is creating added value to customers and permits affiliates to communicate on the protection of the environment through the complete control of the quality of the products and the processes.

Patricia Buisson-Hays-Narbonne then presented the basic principles of the Total Group towards the environment and its policies towards countries where it is operating as a leading marketer in Africa. She stresses that the Group in playing its role of social responsibility and responsible corporate citizenship by focusing on meeting energy needs while t ackling the challenges related to climate change and natural resources, curtailing the impact of our operations on people and the environment, helping to drive social and economic development. The Minister of land, water and environment of the State of Eritrea, congratulated the affiliate on its progress and assured on the commitment of his ministry in supporting towards the achievement of the common goals in the business of Total Eritrea.

During the event, the Sales and Marketing as well as the Operations managers of the affiliate presented a mini lecture on the importance of having a used oil treatment facility and how the affiliate’s facility is operating which was demonstrated in practice at the end of the event.

The Managing Director concluded by thanking all the invited guests and participants for gracing the occasion by their solemn presence and providing all kind of assistance and services towards the achievement and success of the project.